Feminist Standpoint and Question of Women Participation in Decision-Making, in Nepal


  • Binda Pandey Kathmandu University, Nepal




decision making, feminist movements, Nepal, socialist feminist


Feminist standpoint theory emerged in the 1970s. As a feminist critical theory it focuses on the relationship between the production of knowledge and practices of power. It can be considered as a blended form of Marxist feminist, critical theory and a range of social scientific disciplines. Feminist standpoint helps to understand and explain the world through marginalized, subordinated and oppressed women's point of view in the society considering them as knowledgeable. It is the process of mainstreaming their knowledge, skill and experiences. Feminist standpoint focuses on power relations, which is broadly cultivated on cultural values and assigned gender role. In this context, feminist standpoint could be a theoretical basis to mainstream women's knowledge, skill and experiences, instead of conventional way of thinking and doing things with taking into account the knowledge and experiences of dominant groups.


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Author Biography

Binda Pandey, Kathmandu University, Nepal


Pandey, Binda holds Master Degrees in Gender and Development Studies from AIT, Thailand and in Botany Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She has published books on Women Participation in Nepalese Labour Movement and Student Movement in Nepal. Similarly, she is co-writer of "training materials" on gender and workers' human right. She occasionally writes article for broadsheet newspaper as well. She is an activist for gender equality and working people's right. She has served as a founder member of National Women Commission (NWC) from 2002 to 2004 and hold the position as chair of the fundamental right and directive principle committee of constituent assembly from 2008 to 2012. Currently, she is representing workers from Asia pacific region in ILO Governing Body since 2011 and the member of politburo of CPN (UML). 




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