Gender Perspective to Vedic Education: Current Practices in Nepal


  • Rajendra Raj Timilsina Nepal Television (NTV) Corporation



arya samaj, female, Nepali gurukuls, sanatan dharma, Veda, vedic.


Vedic civilization has seen changes in its history- from Satya Yug to current Kali Yug. There were equal rights and duties of both men and women at the beginning. Interpretations of Veda, brought out of the Puranas and externalities made the status unequal. Sanatan Dharma, which is still mainstream of Hinduism, has been challenged by reformist Arya Samaj. As a result, there are interpretive differences as well as practices. Such differences can be seen in contemporary Nepal for the last 130 years. Continuing the differences, classicism has been reviving in the education. This revival also commenced with the same dualism. In this qualitative approach of exploration, two different gurukuls of girls have been observed and analyzed from the field for the purpose of exploring the recent practices. The observation was based on respective scriptures as well as experts' interviews. These data have analyzed the confronting practices on gender in Veda and rooted ideas in contemporary Nepal.


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Author Biography

Rajendra Raj Timilsina, Nepal Television (NTV) Corporation

Timilsina, Rajendra Raj is a PhD scholar at Kathmandu University School of Education. Vedic knowledge and education in Nepal is his epistemic area. He served as visiting faculty at Kathmandu University. Professionally, he is a television presenter and senior journalist (Senior News Editor) at Nepal Television (NTV) Corporation. He was founding managing editor of "Telepatrika", a Bi-annual journal of NTV, Editor of Television Journal of Nepal and Associate Editor of "Saadhana" digest. He has published various articles on socio-economic issues in different news magazines. Mr. Timilsina became a first journalist who served as investigation officer at Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA). He has been presented papers in national and international symposiums on current issues. 




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