The Role of Natural Heritage for the Promotion of Tourism in Ilam


  • Lok Nath Dulal Tribhuvan University



facilities, world heritages, natural heritage, tourism promotion, accommodations


Heritage refers to those commodities which can be observed in their tangible and intangible forms. It is said that heritage is a raw material that authenticates and fabricates the past and the present for touristic consumption. It is a socially constructed and negotiated concept which evolves through time and across space. Mainly, heritages are classified into two categories: local and world heritage. Nepal is enriched in its different types of heritages. They are found in different parts of the country. Among them, the Ilam district is an important tourism destination of Nepal, located in Mechi Zone, Province no 1. It possesses archaeological, historical, cultural, religious, natural, and agricultural importance within its small territories. It has been safeguarding plenty of natural and cultural heritages from the beginning until this 21 st century. However, the proper study regarding exploring and analyzing its natural tourism products is still seemed behind, which is considered a considerable research gap in academia. Realizing strong need for a study, this article entitled " Role of Natural heritage for the promotion of tourism in Ilam” has been prepared for fulfilling two specific objectives such as to explore the important natural tourism heritages of the Ilam district and to examine the role of natural heritage for the promotion of tourism in the site. It has been prepared by using questionnaires as a tools and field survey method. It is based on a descriptive research design.


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Dulal, L. N. (2022). The Role of Natural Heritage for the Promotion of Tourism in Ilam. Molung Educational Frontier, 12(01), 104–126.



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