Different Roles of Teachers in the ELT Classroom


  • Nab Raj Poudel Jivanjyoti Model Secondary School, Lekbesi, Surkhet




Learners, Teacher Roles, Learning, English Language Classroom


This article explores the expected roles of language teachers in an ever-shifting English language teaching scenario. It introduces the traditional roles of language teachers and goes on to discover new roles evolved because of the new theories and innovations in this field. While analysing and interpreting, I reviewed the related literature on the concerned topic to review the roles of English language teachers in the language classroom. After the systematic thematic review of the literature, I, as part of the findings, concluded that the language teachers’ roles are always evolving and bend towards consenting autonomy to the learners for providing them more control over their own learning. The roles assumed by the teachers are that of a facilitator, an assessor, a manager, a guide, a resource provider, a digital enthusiast, a cultural diplomat, and many others. A language teacher should be smart and flexible enough to morph into various roles as per the context and needs of the teaching-learning situation in the classroom. There is a continual need of exploring more plausible roles which can expedite language learning in more systematic and organized yet effective ways.


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Author Biography

Nab Raj Poudel, Jivanjyoti Model Secondary School, Lekbesi, Surkhet

Mr. Nab Raj Poudel, a life member of NELTA, is a Secondary English Teacher at Jivanjyoti Model Secondary School, Lekbesi, Surkhet. He has been teaching English for about two decades having a nifty teaching experience from early graders to under-graduates. He worked as an Access Teacher at Surkhet Access Center. He is especially passionate about using ICT tools in classrooms. He has also facilitated several sessions on ICT during workshops and training sessions. Currently, he is pursuing an MPhil in English Education from Nepal Open University (NOU), Nepal.




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