Editorial Team

Prof. Kalpana Shrestha, PhD
Head of Department of History, Culture and Archaeology (NeHCA)
Padmakanya Multiple Campus
Tribhuvan University
Email: shresthakalpana1962@gmail.com

Member of the subject committee of NeHCA. She was a gold medallist in her Master's level examinations. She has obtained five other medals from different institutions and organizations. She was the Chief Editor for the Voice of Culture Journal, Volume V, published in 2009. Moreover, she is a Research Management Cell (RMC) member, run by Padmakanya Multiple Campus. She has been teaching in PKM College for the last 32 years and has also published five research books and more than 50 research articles in National and International Journals.

Prof. Prem Kumar Khatry, PhD
Email: khatryprem699@gmail.com
MA from the Central Department of Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology, T.U., 1972 with Chancellor Medal for the First position in Master's level examinations. Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, USA, 1979-82. Ph. D. from the same university, 1986. Held four positions at TU, namely, Asst Campus Chief, HoD and Dean of Humanities, and Executive Director, CNAS, TU. Author of books in English and Nepali. Editor and research coordinator, Nepal Academy, Kamaladi (most current assignment). Visiting Prof - Bergen, Norway, Griffith, Australia, Kansai Univ, Japan.

Prof. Jaya Laxmi Pradhan, PhD
Head of the Central Department of Home Science
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Email: jayalaxmipradhan@hotmail.com

She had completed her PhD dissertation entitled ‘Effectiveness of the Structured Education in Type 2 Diabetes’ from Tribhuvan University. She had contributed as a coordinator to develop curriculum for Master’s Degree in Home Science specialization in Food and Nutrition, MPhil- PhD in Home Science, One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetic and Public Health Nutrition and Women’s Studies, 4 Years Bachelor in Home Science. In addition, she had also worked as a coordinator for developing curriculum in Culinary Art, Textile and Clothing, Textile and Knitting and Home Science for grade 11 and 12. She is a member of Cluster Committee – Humanities and Social Sciences - UGC, member of faculty standing committee, Humanities and Social Sciences, Project coordinator of Diabetes Nepal and member of subject committee - Namuna Fashion Technology, Purbanchal University. She had published several courses as well as reference books and articles in various national and international journals. She is a regular columnist of health magazine – Sadhana since 2010. She had presented several research papers in national as well as international platforms.

Corresponding Staff
Dr. Loknath Dulal
Associate Professor
Department of History, Culture and Archaeology (NeHCA)
Padmakanya Multiple Campus
Tribhuvan University
Email: dulalloknath@gmail.com

He is a member of the Subject Committees of Nepalese History Culture and Archaeology (NeHCA) and Bachelor of Public Service and Governance (BPSG), an autonomous academic program run by the Padma Kanya Multiple Campus. As a team leader, he has contributed over 20 research studies on NeHCA as well as on various social issues. He has presented more than 15 papers in several national seminars. He has published four books and more than 50 research papers in national and international journals.