The Mega Journal <p>The Mega Journal is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal published by the Nepal Mega College, Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal.</p> Nepal Mega College en-US The Mega Journal 2717-4840 Physico-Chemical Quality Assessment of Ground Water in Kathmandu Valley and Siraha District <p>A key element in maintaining human health is the quality of drinking water which is a vital component of natural resources. This study was conducted to assess the ground water quality in the Kathmandu Valley and Siraha district from October 2022 to March 2023 in the Water Engineering and Training Centre, Ratopul, Kathmandu. A total of 123 water samples were collected from various wells and borings around the Kathmandu Valley and Siraha district and were subjected to physicochemical investigation following the standard techniques for water sample collection and analyzed by methods as described in the American Public Health Association (1998). The pH, conductivity, turbidity, ammonia concentration, and iron content were found to exceed National Drinking Water Quality Standard guidelines value in 21.95%, 3.25 %, 53.65 %, 47.15 %, and 18.7 % of total water samples respectively. All water samples had total hardness and chloride levels within the acceptable range. The arsenic content of all samples except one well water sample from Siraha was found within a permissible level. The findings suggest that water quality is not satisfactory, which could lead to various water-borne illnesses. Therefore, proper water purification techniques should be used before consumption.</p> Basanti Belbase Niru Bhandari Nishan Paudyal Bhola Nath Paudyal Pradeep K. Shah Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-18 2024-03-18 3 1 1 9 10.3126/tmj.v3i1.63764 Health Status of Senior Citizens of Dalit and Non-Dalit Community <p>The study investigates the distinctive characteristics of senior citizens, with a focus on Dalit and Non-Dalit communities in Malarani Rural Municipality, Nepal. Covering demographics, socio-economic factors, and health statuses, the research involves 430 individuals aged 60 and above. Historical marginalization of Dalit’s raises the possibility of unique challenges for them in aging. The utilizing chi-square tests, identifies significant associations between various factors, such as age, literacy, income, and health, among Dalit and Non-Dalit individuals. The chi square analysis underscores the impact of age, literacy, education, religion, employment, income, retirement, and blood pressure on senior citizens in Dalit and Non Dalit communities. Notably, possession of assets, land, home, and other variables showed no significant differences between the age (60-64 to 85+) groups. The study suggests that intergenerational programs and active aging initiatives can enhance the well-being of older adults and foster inclusive communities. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for addressing the distinct needs of senior citizens, particularly those from historically marginalized communities.</p> Jagdish Chandra Nepali Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-18 2024-03-18 3 1 10 21 10.3126/tmj.v3i1.63766 Social Media as a Learning Platform for EFL Learning: A Case of Undergraduate Students <p>Social media is one of the most popular learning platforms among youths, especially for the university level EFL students. The paper aims to explore how undergraduate level EFL students in a university utilize social media to improve their English writing skills. Using a meta-analysis approach, seventeen peer-researched articles published in the last five years were downloaded from google scholar and closely reviewed. Based on the review, the study concluded that social media was used as one of the informal learning platforms for writing in English. Students were reported to have been engaged in independent writing in social media while communicating with their peers, and relatives, thereby developing confidence in writing in English, though the use of more informal language structures were preferred. The findings of the study imply that higher engagement of EFL students in social media communication positively impacts their writing skills, so institutions are to increase the use of ICT in their pedagogical practices for students’ meaningful learning.</p> Madhukar Pandey Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-18 2024-03-18 3 1 22 30 10.3126/tmj.v3i1.63767 Equivalence of Möbius Transformation and Lorentz Transformation <p>The equivalence between the Möbius group acting on and the proper orthochronous Lorentz group on world vectors is reviewed. This relationship will be used to characterize how celestial spheres change with Lorentz transformations.</p> Nand Kishor Kumar Dipendra Prasad Yadav Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-18 2024-03-18 3 1 31 35 10.3126/tmj.v3i1.63768 Job Satisfaction among the Nurses Working in Government and Private Hospital in Eastern Part of Nepal <p>Nursing is a profession which directly deals with the health of the human being. It requires competence, compassion and genuine commitment. So, job satisfaction among the nurses remains the matter of concern because it directly impacts the quality of patient care. The objective of the Study is to assess the level of satisfaction among the nurses.</p> <p>A descriptive Cross-Sectional study was conducted by using self-administered questionnaire among 200 nurses working in different Governmental and Private Hospital in Eastern Part of Nepal. Data was collected from 2080/1/1/ to 2080/6 30. Job Satisfaction was measured by using five-point Likert scale type questionnaire. Descriptive statistics; Mean, Standard Deviation, Percentage and inferential statistics co-relation analysis were utilized to examine data and draw meaningful insight. The findings of the study revealed that 54.5% (109) respondents were satisfied with their job and 45.5% (91) respondents were unsatisfied with their job. Based on the weighted mean score satisfaction level was assessed where the weighted mean was 3.105. Finding showed that there is significant relationship of job satisfaction with salary and type of hospital and there is no any relationship of job satisfaction with designation, age, qualification, marital status and work experience. Level of job satisfaction is more in government hospital than the private hospital. There is significant relationship between level of job satisfaction with its different components and there is significant differences in level of job satisfaction among nurses between government and private hospital.</p> <p>The study was aimed to find out the job satisfaction among nurses. Based on the findings more than half of the nurses were satisfied with their job and it is also showed that there is significant relationship of job satisfaction with salary and type of hospital. There are various factors where nurses are not satisfied such as; job security, self-growth and development, salary, working condition and hospital environment. If there are dissatisfied, they may stimulate the nurses to intend to leave their job/centers. For the quality care to the patient in hospital nurses’ source of job dissatisfaction must be addressed and managed.</p> Pushpa Poudel Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-18 2024-03-18 3 1 36 48 10.3126/tmj.v3i1.63769 Capital Structure and Profitability of Commercial Banks in Nepal <p>The study intends to look into how capital structure affects a Nepalese commercial bank's profitability. The statistical analysis of the study includes the secondary data. Using software for analysis, Descriptive and a casual comparative analysis has conducted by gathering data from bank websites and using correlations and multiple regression models for hypothesis testing. Out of the entire population, 12 bank has taken as a sample for the study. The capital structure and profitability have been investigated as a cause and effect relationship using a casual comparative research design. In this study NIM is used as dependent variables, and leverage ratio, bank size, liquidity ratio, and capital ratio are independent variables. As a statistical tool, the following tools are used: mean, standard deviation, correlation, multiple regression model, and hypothesis testing. Excel and SPSS are both used to evaluate those variables. Leverage Ratio has a negative and significant impact with NIM on Nepal's commercial banks. Bank Size has remained negatively and insignificantly impacted with NIM. The Liquidity Ratio shows significantly and positively affects with NIM. The capital ratio has a significant and favorable impact on NIM. However, Banks should value the significance of other variables.</p> Ramesh Mukhiya Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-18 2024-03-18 3 1 49 62 10.3126/tmj.v3i1.63772 Talent Management Practices and Financial Performance in Nepalese Joint-venture Commercial Banks: Employee Perspective <p>This study aimed to investigate the impact of talent management practices, including talent attraction, talent development, talent retention, talent selection, and reward management, on financial performance in Nepalese banks. A questionnaire with a 5-point Likert scale was used to collect data from 256 employees from 17 Nepalese banks over a 10-year period. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was conducted using the AMOS software to analyze the data. The results showed that talent attraction, talent development, and talent retention had a significant positive impact on return on equity (ROE), while the impact of talent selection and reward management on ROE was found to be insignificant. Additionally, talent development had a significant positive impact on return on assets (ROA), while the impact of the other talent management practices on ROA was insignificant. These findings suggest that talent management practices can play a critical role in improving the financial performance of Nepalese banks, particularly in terms of ROE. The study provides valuable insights for bank managers and policymakers on the importance of talent management practices for enhancing financial performance.</p> Surendra Mahato Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-18 2024-03-18 3 1 63 75 10.3126/tmj.v3i1.63777