Research Journal on Multi-disciplinary Issues <p>The Research Journal on Multi-disciplinary Issues is published by the Research Management Cell of J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus, Lahan, Siraha, Nepal. The journal is published to address the current issues in teaching learning fields as it focuses more on the articles aiming at updating the knowledge sharing in different disciplines. However, it also tends to incorporate the new findings of Science and Management areas and how they are applicable at present.</p> J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus en-US Research Journal on Multi-disciplinary Issues 2705-4594 Editorial Vol.3(1) <p>No abstract available.</p> Dilip Kumar Chaudhary Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 Problems of Interpreting Maithili Complex Predicates in English <p>Every language has its own uniqueness and lets&nbsp; its&nbsp; users&nbsp; develop&nbsp; any other language in the way their first/mother one has been structured and conceptualized. The present paper attempts to make the English teachers teaching English in Maithili ecology be aware of expressing multi word concepts (complex predicates) of Maithili in English, which has been a common problem for school and campus level students as well. Both types of data sources (primary and secondary) were used, viz. the secondary for identifying the complex predicates and the primary for finding out the difficulties faced by the learners for expressing the Maithili CP concepts in English. The result shows that Maithili is very rich by its complex predicates with different types and all levels (school and campus) students having Maithili as their mother language are found to be expressing the CPs in the same way even in English which happens to be pragmatically unacceptable. The concept of Maithili CPs cannot be expressed in the multi word way but in a single word way. Finally some pedagogical implications are also suggested for handling such problems and carrying out the further researches in the respective field.</p> Binod Kumar Yadav Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 1 8 Degrading Meaning of the Commonly Used Words of Minority Language in Multilingual Context <p>This small piece of writing is an observation-based text highlighting the fact that minority language speakers are indirectly compelled to switch on to the dominant language. This study exclusively highlights how a dialect of Maithili called THETH is losing its ground, and the meaning of some common words is degrading, hence replaced by borrowed terms from the dominant dialect or language of the society. It has attempted to illuminate the fact that upward mobility is reflected in the use of language in everyday life. When the marginalized mass step onto a ladder of success or on the way of upward mobility, they fabricate their personality with different components, of which one is language i.e. dominant language in a general case. This piece of the text aims at exploring the reasons behind opting for the dominant/ influencing language to maintain personality. This is often the case that dominated language betrays the personality of the speakers. So this paper has made a case study at a micro-level along with indirect observation of the related phenomenon. And further, some cases of language use-related events have been analyzed minutely.</p> Dinesh Kumar Yadav Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 9 17 Impact of Technological Changes on Job Performance of Teachers in Higher Education Institutions: A study with reference to quality accredited colleges in Province 2, Nepal <p>This article assessed the impact of technological changes on job performance of teachers with evidence from quality accredited higher education institutions in province 2, Nepal. The study has been conducted using a descriptive survey research design. The population consists of 105 academic staffs of two quality accredited higher education institutions of province 2. Convenience sampling techniques were employed to select the sample size of 57academic staffs from the population. Regression analysis was used to analyze the data that was collected using a five-point Likert‘s scale structured questionnaire. The results showed that technology has influenced job performance of teachers since it simplifies the work to be done. Technology greatly escalates the productivity of employees along with time saving. Use of ICT and the internet can assist teachers to instruct efficiently and students learn more effectively. Thus, to enhance and strengthen the quality of our education, it is the need of the hour to digitize the teaching and learning methodologies. But technological changes adoption in quality accredited higher educational institutions in province 2 is low.</p> Jitendra Kumar Chaudhary Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 18 28 Traditional Fishing Gears and Fishing Methods Used in Koshi River Basin <p>The paper describes wide range of traditional fishing gears used by professional fishers in the Koshi River. It attempts to document the occurrence of 5 different kinds of commonly used gears, i.e. cast net, gill net, fish barrier, ghorleng, hook lines to catch fishes in different seasons in the lower middle stretch of the Koshi River. Among 5 different kinds of gears, hook line comes in recreational method while remaining ones viz. cast net, gill net, fish barrier, ghorleng are included under conventional method of fishing. The objective of study is to present the recent data of fishing methods, fishing gears and their distribution in different water bodies in the Koshi River. The primary data was collected through direct observation and secondary data through journals, books and interviews to local people. It was found that most of the fishing gears are made by locally available bio-degradable materials. It is supposed that this paper will support to the further researcher in their detail study on traditional fishing gears and for the conservation of local gears as well.</p> Praveen Kumar Singh Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 29 38 An Analysis of Eminent Persons’ Group (EPG) Meetings and its Significance <p>This paper explores the feedback and long-term solution by wiping out the disputes and long misunderstandings regarding bilateral relations between Nepal and India. Two years’ tenure has completed of this Eminent Persons’ Group (EPG) in July, 2018, where nine meetings are held on both sides Nepal and India in a rotation basis. There were four members from each Eminent Persons’ Group, and in total eight members from the various intellectual fields were involved. This paper highlights on the overall EPG meetings; trade and transportation, information technology, development, water resources, border security and mostly Treaty of Peace and Friendship along with other various issues. This paper claims that this report is not the mandatory for the both governments; it is just a suggestion. The experts’ views and more profound study and analysis of both groups may give guidelines for the both governments to carry on the sound bilateral relationship. The joint report will develop the cultural, social, political relation positively between the two countries erasing the misunderstanding and correcting the unequal bilateral treaties/ relations. For the implementation of this report on the ground, the goodwill of both governments is necessary.</p> Prithivi Bahadur Bogati Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 39 49 Teachers’ Perception on Effects of ICT Tools in Teaching Science at Secondary Level <p>In this digital era, the use of ICT tools in teaching learning has been increasing day by day. This study, therefore, focuses on teachers’ perception on effects of ICT tools in science teaching classes. The objectives of the study were to identify the existing situation of the use of ICT tools in science teaching and to find perceptions of teachers towards effects of ICT tools in effective classroom teaching in both public and private schools. 12 science teachers one from each school and 12 secondary schools: six public and six private of Siraha district were selected randomly as population of the study. This study followed quantitative survey research design. The data were collected through questionnaire, observation and group discussion. The data showed that the teachers used various&nbsp; ICT tools but they have to face various challenges due to poor infrastructure, limited accessibility, poor network connection, insufficient technical support and lack of effective training. It was found that private school teachers had higher perspectives than public school teachers due to age factor and competency of ICT knowledge and practice. This project is hopeful to provide proper information and suggestions to those who are responsible for integrating new technologies in science teaching.</p> Rajeswar Prasad Yadav Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 50 60 Developing Writing Skill of B.Ed. Students through Class Test: An Action Research <p>Writing is an art and integral part of language teaching and learning. The present research study explores the development of writing skills especially ‘’writing essay’’ through teacher correction technique and self analysis. As action research in nature aims to test the progress of English language learners while writing an essay, this study relates to the action research. It was seen development in students writing in post test than in pre-test after analysis of the data. The students (Ss1-Ss10) were found using the words in an increased order, proper use of mechanics, and grammatically correct sentences in their writing in each test made and committed less grammatical errors in post test than in pre-test. Regarding mechanics of writing, their writing was found systematic in case of punctuation, coherence, cohesion and organization as well. The teacher correction technique and self analysis were found productive in teaching writing through action research as a whole.</p> Ram Nath Yadav Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 61 71 Determination of Iodine Content in Different Brands of Common Salts <p>Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) are recognized as a major global public health problem; it is possible to root out this problem by universal salt iodization. This study was designed to determine iodine concentration in different brand of salt collected from different area of Nepal and India. All samples were collected both in Lahan and India near to Lahan city. Concentration of iodine in salt was determined by iodometric titration method. Reagent was K<sub>2</sub>Cr<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub>, standardized Na<sub>2</sub>S<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>, KI, NaHCO<sub>3</sub>, starch, concentrated HCl, H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>. Most of the salts collected show iodine level to be in the acceptable range. Result shows that out of nine brands, only seven shown to has a poor content of iodine. It can be decided from the result that most of the people of our country are now using iodized salt aayonune containing high amount of iodine. Evidence is now available from both controlled trials and successful iodization programs that these disorders can be successfully prevented by correction of iodine deficiency.</p> Ram Prabodh Yadav Archana Chaurasiya Barundev Sah Jay Prakash Mahato Munni Kumari Chaudhary Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 72 81 Living Values Education: An Inter-generational Transition <p>This study was carried out to flourish the perception and experiences of living values in an intergenerational context. This article included the research question comprising intergenerational retina to retrieve the reality of relational transition in the community. For the research question, I have presented participants perceived living values in their practical life stories. Research participants were the people from six families including three different age groups, viz, 13-19, 20-59 and 60 plus. The study is qualitative and mainly guided by need, Social Integration, Hybridization, Construction and Deconstruction theory. Here I have attempted to show the linking influence of education on living values in this current Nepalese education system.</p> Tikaram Bhattarai Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 82 87 Status of Malnutrition of Children Under Five Years in Institutional School <p>Simply, bad nutrition is malnutrition. The aim of this study was to assess the condition of malnutrition of students under five years. The study followed descriptive cross-sectional research design. For the study, school was selected purposefully and grade was selected randomly. However, 51 students of LKG were participated in the study and only the data of 43 students (24 boys and 19 girls) were analyzed. Age of the students was identified from the school record. Height measuring tape and weighing machine were used to measure height and weight of students. Data were analyzed manually with the reference to World Health Organization (WHO) growth chart 2006. Mean age, height, and weight of students were respectively 49.53 months, 104.88 cm, and 16.326 kg. No students were found stunted whereas only two girls (4.7%) were found wasted and underweight. The status of malnutrition among less than five years students of institutional school is very low. Parents should be suggested to take care of their daughter’s nutritional status.</p> Anil Kumar Mandal Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 88 98 Knowledge and Practice of Menstruation Period Among the Girls at J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus, Lahan (Siraha) <p>The article highlights knowledge and practice regarding the menstruation period of those girls who are studying at the bachelor level at J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus, Lahan (Siraha). This study is based on primary data. A questionnaire had been prepared to gather information from the students. Altogether 120 girls were purposively selected as the respondents. The result shows that half of the girls (50%) had heard about the menstruation from their mothers and only 4.1 % had received information from books or health-related materials. Likewise, majority- 41.6 % of the students faced lower abdominal pain and discomfort during their first menstruation due to lack of knowledge about menstruation. Among the respondents 12.5 % were only found to be using sanitary pads during their periods. And after use, pads/ materials disposal is challenging in our culture. In our tradition, they still do not burn used pads.</p> Bhola Prasad Bishwakarma Copyright (c) 2021 RMC, J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus 2021-11-01 2021-11-01 3 1 99 108