International Migration Level and Trends

  • Laxman Singh Kunwar
Keywords: International migration, Remittance, human development


International migration is an issue growing concern at global, regional and national level because its volume has been increasing at all level. Among the four migration corridors (North-North, North-South, South-North and South-South) of international migration South-South migration(developing countries –developing countries) occupies largest and North- South (developing countries -developed Countries) second largest share of international migration. The objective of this study is to introduce the situation of international migration at global, regional and national level by using secondary sources of information. The volume of refugees in relation with volume of international migration also has been increasing. Similarly the volume of emigrants have increased in those countries or regions with having very low, low and middle level human development index. Whereas the volume of more immigrants was observed in countries or regions of high and very high human development index. In the context of Nepal, international migration (absentee population data in censuses) has been gradually increasing but up to 2001 censuses major destination was India but on the basis of 2011 census destination of Nepalese migrants have been shifted to Middle East and ASEAN countries but India still remains as a major destination. The lack of uniform data regarding to international migration has been a problem to analyze migration level and trends properly. 


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