About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Nepalese Journal of Development and Rural Studies (NJDRS) is a peer reviewed Journal published annually by Central Department of Rural Development (CDRD), has been widely accepted by students, researchers and teachers in Nepal and abroad. The objective of the publication is to review the current researches, encourage novice of researches, analysis development processes and suggest measures for speedy growth of rural sectors.

NJDRS is open to all types of contributions dealing with all regions or countries of the development world. However, the publication focuses in the policy application of innovative theory and research towards the promotion of rural development in equitable order. Preference will be given to thought provoking issues, interdisciplinary analysis, empirical research, field work or case studies having significant implications for development planning and policy.

The editorial board emphasizes the publications in simple, commandable language with valuable articles so as so to make each issue accessible and useful to various background readers. NJDRS also welcomes comments, suggestions from all sectors for its quality improvement and sustainability.

Peer Review Process

Articles obtained for the purpose of publication in NJDRS are subject to editorial review by referees peer/with academicians and other social scientists.

Article Review Guideline:



Review Question and


Clarity/organization of the paper

·         Is the paper well written?

·         Are the arguments clear?

·         Are the subsections of the paper connected to each other?


Originality of paper

·         Is the paper original?


Research problems and its significance

·         Is a research problem relevant to the field?

·         Does it contribute to the existing knowledge?

·         How and why?


Literature review

·         Is literature review sufficient and well written?


Theoretical frame

·         Are the reviewed theories strong and related to research problems and issues?


Research methods

·         Is research design appropriate and rigorous?


Data analysis/result

·         Are the sets of data enough?

·         Is the analysis of data clear, accurate and critical?



·         Are the conclusions developed based on data?

·         Are the conclusions reflective enough?


Further comments

·         If needed.



·         Accept without any revisions

·         Accept with minor revision

·         Accept with major revision

·         Reject

Publication Frequency

The journal publishes annually. It may publish them as a combined volume.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.