KMC Research Journal 2023-10-18T10:15:49+00:00 Sedunath Dhakal Open Journal Systems <p>A peer-reviewed journal on Art, Philosophy, Identity, Economy, Livelihood, and Foreign Policy published by the Research Department of Koteshwor Multiple Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal.</p> Geographical Alienation of Migrant Ranch Workers in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men 2023-10-18T02:38:08+00:00 Agni Adhikari Sudeep Gartaula Tika Neupane <p><em>Of Mice and Men</em>, a novella of John Steinbeck tells the story of American migrant ranch workers. This article observes and analyzes the alienation of the migrant ranch workers in the novella <em>Of Mice and Men</em> in Depression-era America in relation to American geography. The issue revolves around the major characters: George Milton and Lennie Small, as well as other minor characters. The characters in the novella suffer from alienation caused by unfair geographical conditions resulting from the uneven distribution of means and resources. After all, the characters become the victim of mental retardation and they perform inhospitable behavior to one another. To explore this state of alienation and geography, this article applies library research and content analysis of the novella. To moor the issue, the Marxist theory of alienation has been applied that discusses the influence of class economy in human interaction. According to Marx, in the capitalist mode of production, a worker is alienated from the production process, nature, society, and hence finally, with himself. In the novella, alienation related to geography is depicted in subtle and clear forms that the characters feel disconnected from society and the surrounding environment and ultimately from their intimate ones. The theme of alienation and geography is depicted in the relationship the characters share, in the plot, which presents the movement of the major characters from ranch to ranch in pursuit of the American dream, and in the setting, which represents Weed, California, as the place of poverty and inequality during the depression era. The harsh geographical conditions, as depicted in the novella, contribute to the theme of alienation of the migrant ranch workers, who are surrounded by poverty even in the crowded setting.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Understanding and Adoption of Internet Banking: Nepalese Perspective 2023-10-18T02:47:02+00:00 Binod Ghimire Bharat Rai Rewan Kumar Dahal <p>The main objective of this study is to ascertain the elements that lead to the adoption of internet banking. By examining customers’ viewpoints, this research seeks to provide valuable insights into the fundamental determinants of this technological transition. A questionnaire survey was done among 398 banking customers in the Kathmandu Valley. The banking sector is currently experiencing a notable shift as a result of developments in telecommunications and information technology. These developments are facilitating transformative transformations through the introduction of novel distribution channels and the enhancement of banking value systems. These factors encompass the cost reduction, acceleration of service delivery, expansion of market reach, and enhancement of overall customer service quality. From a consumer's perspective, internet banking has the potential to reduce service prices and provide users with the ability to effortlessly manage their accounts at any time and from any location. The research findings have identified that security and trust as the most influential factors that lead customers' adoption towards internet banking, so bank managers should develop strategies to enhance overall service quality of internet banking services by delivering customized and quick financial services that help in meeting international standards with promising internet banking products and design.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Displacement and Violation of Inalienable Rights in Alan Gratz’s Refugee 2023-10-18T02:50:34+00:00 Bishnu Marasini <p style="line-height: 150%; margin: 12.0pt 0in 12.0pt 0in;">Refugees are human beings but not citizens of the nation; they are left in no man's land and treated as traitor, criminal and animal. Even though, human rights about refugees are penned in different charter, such rights are not implemented appropriately. They leave their nation longing for survival; however many countries do not let them to enter their territory. Their right in home country is absconded and their identity of being citizen is confiscated and they are left to live the bare life. Those who are lucky to flee from the home have to face grave troubles and violence from police, and the state rules and regulations violating the International Human Rights of right to live the dignified life. This article analyzes the solemn issues from the perspective of Derrida, Kant, and Hannah Ardent, who explicitly urges about the rights of refugee and their survivals in Alan Gratz novel <em>Refugee</em>.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Naipaul’s Divided Self in An Area of Darkness 2023-10-18T02:53:46+00:00 Khagendra Prasad Nepal <p>This paper seeks to analyze V.S. Naipaul’s futile attempt of seeking his lost identity in particular reference to his travelogue <em>An Area of Darkness</em>. This study shows how he fails in grabbing the self identity as an Indian and how he diverts himself from his quest when he has time and again suffered by the memory of past. The study adopts qualitative methodology and takes memory studies as a theoretical tool to interpret and analyze the primary text. Moreover, the study focuses on analysis of the text in concern with seeking the fundamental identity that once was lost being a migrant to a distance land. The writer falls in the prey of his own memory time and again and finds himself distorted and distanced from his identity as he is seeking his Indianness there. The study argues that Naipaul remains neither Indian nor Trinidanian due to his own divided cultural and individual self that he possesses in his undying memory.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Position of Funds and Its Mobilization in Prime Commercial Bank Ltd (PCBL) 2023-10-18T03:21:01+00:00 Mukesh Kumar Yadav <p>The number of commercial banks and financial institutions are being established rapidly. These institutions have been established to assist economic development of the country. The major problem in almost all under developed countries and Nepal is formation and proper utilization of capital. Banking institutions are inevitable for resource mobilization. Bank collects fund as a saving from public and invests in highly return yielding firm. This study is concerned with whether Position of funds and its mobilization in Prime Commercial Bank Ltd (PCBL) is adopting efficient fund mobilizing policy or not. It is seen from the study that Prime bank is in better position about the sources of fund and is also mobilizing funds effectively. By effectively mobilizing the funds it is succeeding to earn high rate of return. But because of lack of sufficient knowledge towards saving among people banks are unable to raise adequate fund which is hampering country’s economic growth.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus A Comparative Study on Promotional Strategies of Two Nepali Telecom Companies, NTC and Ncell 2023-10-18T02:58:31+00:00 Prakash Pokharel <p>This paper is intended to compare the promotional strategies of two leading telecommunication industry of Nepal – NTC and Ncell. Telecommunication industry is vital for economic growth. It begins with analyzing and comparing their promotional activities. Then it compares the promotional strategies in two ways: in terms of frequency and in terms of budget they spend. Through comparison, it reveals that promotional activities have been taken very seriously by the Ncell than Nepal Telecom.</p> <p>&nbsp;On the basis of David Aakar model of brand equity, this paper also analyzes the effect of promotional activities into brand equity in the following ways: brand loyalty, brand awareness, perceived quality and brand association of telecommunication companies. It shows that two companies have difference in promotional strategies mainly because of their attitude to be a leader in market.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Patients’ Perception towards Chronic Kidney Disease and Government Policy in Nepal 2023-10-18T03:11:51+00:00 Radhika Dahal <p>This article is based on patients’ perception towards Chronic Kidney disease and government policy in Nepal. Mostly qualitative method was applied and 12 (patient with chronic Kidney disease) were taken as respondents and their perception, about policies and their suffering were recorded. Based on the findings of the research, this article argues that health is socially constructed and if the social status is better, the accessibility is higher. However, the state has health policy but it is not implemented properly because implementation is the paramount for the output. Healthy habits are social construction. Health is also socially determined. Financial burden of the patients are taken by the family. Most of the kidney donors are the relatives of the patients. The current status of the health care policy is not reachable to public.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability of Non-Financial Firms 2023-10-18T03:28:26+00:00 Srijana Khadka Ajaya Kumar Khadka <p>The managers of today's non-financial enterprises are more concerned with working capital management. This study used a descriptive and comparative causal research approach to examine working capital management's effect on profitability. Regression and correlation test was performed for 15 observations from three non-financial institutions based on a purposive sample design. The result shows a strong positive correlation between the current ratio (CR) and returns on assets (ROA), cash conversion cycle (CCC), receivable conversion period (RCP), and payable deferral period (PDP) have no significant correlation. Regression results show that CR, PDP, and CCC are significant predictors of ROA, and RCP has no significant effect. It is recommended that non-financial managers focus on maintaining a favorable current ratio while reducing the cash conversion cycle and optimizing payment periods. By doing so, they can improve their firm's liquidity position, effectively manage cash flow, and ultimately enhance profitability.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Exploring the Role of Rural Tourism in Achieving Sustainable Rural Development 2023-10-18T03:33:36+00:00 Suman Pokharel Rudra Prasad Bhattarai <p>This study investigates the role of rural tourism in facilitating sustainable rural development, with a specific focus on Ghandruk region situated in Kaski district of Nepal. Employing a case study methodology, the researchers collected data through in-depth interviews conducted with a diverse range of stakeholders, including homestay owners, hotel owners, foreign tourists, local leaders, NGOs, government representatives, and farmers. The study findings highlight the positive impact of rural tourism activities on the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of development within the study region. The research sheds light on the potential of rural tourism in improving the standard of living for rural residents while also preserving local culture and resources. The findings contribute to the existing literature on rural tourism and offer insights for policymakers and stakeholders in leveraging rural tourism as a catalyst for sustainable rural development.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus Projection of “Dibya Upadesh” of Prithvi Narayan Shah: Lessons for Small State Diplomacy in Contemporary World Affairs 2023-10-18T03:40:28+00:00 Vijya Prasad Jayshwal Seema Kumari Shah <p>The narratives of small state diplomacy are not a recent phenomenon in international relations and world affairs. The projection of state like Nepal in classical era as 'sandwich' between two giant economy was classical reflection of it. Nepal has always observed and followed the balanced foreign policy with neighbours and also with external entities and it was a clear idea in Dibya Upadesh of late King Prithvi Narayan Shah which is still relevant and contextual. The small state diplomacy has been a subject of contestation and a discourse to locate the role of small state in international relations and foreign affairs. The collective growth of small states seems challenging in contemporary affairs. Nepal is projected as a small state qualifying all criteria to be considered or defined as small state. The diplomatic move played in past was literally an articulated step for presenting power of small states in world affairs. The reflection in Upadesh is also an ancient depiction of it. This paper has analysed the projection of Nepal as small state and its relevancy in contemporary world affairs.</p> 2022-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Koteshwor Multiple Campus