Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Higher Education of SC/ST


  • S. Ramachandrappa Department of Sociology, Davangere University, Davangere
  • P. Ravi Kumar Dept. of Journalism & New Media Studies, Davangere University, Davangere
  • G.C. Vinodh Kumar Department of Sociology, Davangere University, Davangere



Globalization, Higher Education, Caste Hierarchy, ICT, SC/STs.


Globalization process has affected many aspects of human life. Education in general and higher education in particular is no exception to it. Globalization gathered momentum in higher education in the second half of 1990. Education as a service industry is a part of globalization process becoming commodity in the third world (TW) countries like India. Universities and higher education system in India and Asia have become the agents of both internationalization and globalization. Indian society which is historically characterized by high degree of social stratification and institutional in equally governed by caste system where a huge section of SC/STs population stand at the bottom of caste hierarchy and denied equal rights in education. The objective of this paper is to find out the role of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in promoting higher education among SC/STs and also to find out whether SC/STs are able to transform themselves to fit into the current education system and are they able to place themselves in this new knowledge economy which is the result of globalization and Information communication and Technology development in India. The findings show that SC/STs still remain discriminated in education and there are major constraints for them in taking up higher education.

Int. J. Soc. Sci. Manage. Vol-2, issue-4: 304-307


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Ramachandrappa, S., Ravi Kumar, P., & Vinodh Kumar, G. (2015). Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Higher Education of SC/ST. International Journal of Social Sciences and Management, 2(4), 304–307.



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