Impaired Governance: Limiting Communities' Access to Service Delivery System in Nepal

  • Keshav Acharya Local Governance and Community Development Programme, Programme Coordination Unit, Ministry of Federal & Local Development, Kathmandu
Keywords: Community governance, Community-based organisation, Service delivery


This paper examines governance impairing at the grassroots level that has limited the communities’ access to basic services in Nepal. Primary data were collected from 110 locally constituted community-based organisations that employed110 organisational surveys and three focus group discussions. Result indicates that the overall practice of governance at the community level remained weak to moderate due to a number of reasons. Firstly, many communities were influenced by power based socio-economic structure. Secondly, some communities were impressed by power politics and interests. Thirdly, many communities were facing biggest crisis of low capacity and resource constraints. Such crisis has been a foremost obstacle in the working culture of communities so they were unable to embrace governance mechanism in their development undertakings.

Himalayan Journal of Sociology & Anthropology - Vol. VII (2016), page: 40-74


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Acharya, K. (2017). Impaired Governance: Limiting Communities’ Access to Service Delivery System in Nepal. Himalayan Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 7, 40-74.